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Friday, August 03, 2007

African Travels

After a long hiatus, I thought I'd post something on here - although not much. Since about 20 June or so, I've been travelling through southern Africa with Gabi and two friends of mine from Korea, Nick and Anna. We borrowed my mom's car and starting in Cape Town, worked our way along the southern and eastern coasts of South Africa, trying to outrun the storm that was chasing us, and then went via Swaziland to Mozambique, then to Malawi and now we're in Zambia.

Lots has happened and lots to tell, but I don't have the time now. Nick and Anna had to return home to England to see the families before going back to Korea, so they left us about 5 weeks into the trip. Gabi and I are planning to go to Victoria Falls in the next couple of days before heading into Botswana and then Namibia before going back to Cape Town, sometime in early September I reckon.

Anyways, will (maybe) post more soon - I will at some point, it just might not be too soon.


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