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Thursday, January 04, 2007

A slight hiccup and subsequent changes of plan

Swak! My brother was in a bad car accident just before New Year's and so I'm heading home. He rammed into the back corner of a bakkie on the N2 near Mossel Bay on his way home from Moçambique and got hit in the face by the bonnet of the car he was driving. His friend who was in the passenger seat I believe broke some ribs but is generally ok. Andrew went into surgery last night, 3 Jan, and presumably is ok - I don't know yet. The bakkie in question was doing a U-turn in the dark on the national road. Smart man.

Anyways, I am in Manila today but have a flight back to Seoul booked for tonight at 20 past midnight (so strictly not tonight...) and will be trying to get my ticket home reissued there with the aim to fly home on sunday. We shall see. I am thinking of spending about a month at home (still completely in the air though) and then I plan to return to the Orient to meet up with Gabi in China and continue roughly where I left off.

Will keep you posted.


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