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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Power of a Politician

Powerful men these, even African ones it seems...

I just read this article...

The district they talk about where nurses and doctors are supposed to be patrolling the streets (Why I wonder?? Might be a good time to get hit by a car, if I can find one with the new traffic restrictions...) is where I live, Haidian. I didn't even know this big delegation was coming this way! I reckon I might head into town on saturday to have a look at the pretty pictures and to enjoy the lack of traffic.

Isn't it amazing how much they can disrupt the normal flow of things just for some visiting politicians?? I am afraid to think of what they'll do for the Olympics... there are so many street vendors, beggars and whatnot about that I'm sure they'll consider unsightly for the hordes of expected tourists and so some scheme will be thought of. I believe that for the Olympics in Seoul many years ago they had some operation where they literally bussed the vagrant population out of town for the duration of the games. South Korea is a fairly liberal and democratic place that cares (a bit at least) for the well-being of its peopl - we shall see what China's solution to this pending problem will be.

Hold thumbs.


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