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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Somewhat unexpected news...

Back on the road again after a few weeks in South Africa. I left SA on 31 January and got into Hong Kong after a very exciting 3 hour coffee break in Singapore airport. In Hong Kong I met up with Gabi, Lihi (Israeli friend from Beijing) and Deepak (Indian Hong Konger also met in Beijing) and spent two pretty crazy days running around sorting out visas for China and seeing the sights. Gabi, Lihi and I then caught a ferry over to Macau for another 2 nights (we actually won some money in Casino Lisboa...) before a mad series of buses and a ferry to get to Sanya in Hainan island, the big island just off the south coast of China quite near to Vietnam. This seems to be China's beach resort place and is actually quite nice by Chinese standards. Basically just bumming about on the beach here and enjoying the sun. Chinese new year and spring festival start in just over a week and so we need to start making some plans and bookings because I believe that things get somewhat out of control at that time. We're thinking of heading north to Guilin which the Chinese call 'heaven on earth' and which is apparently one of the better places to see the new year in here.

Anyway, enough travel humdrum.

The aforementioned unexpected news is that I am now officially engaged! Believe it or not, as I'm sure some of you will be somewhat incredulous, but it is true. Strictly speaking I've actually been engaged since just before I left the Philippines, but I wanted to chat some more with Gabi in person before running about telling people. We were out on the beach in Sabang on Palawan Island in the Philippines just after Christmas and having dinner at a styling bamboo restaurant, drinking rum & coke and eating a vast array of seafood (and oh so cheap...) when conversation led to the future and one thing led to another and well, we started to seriously discuss the idea and so we said 'well, shall we do it?' and so we did.

Apart from a change of status, nothing else is changing. Our travel plans are as-were (is that a word?) and so we'll still be out this way until Septemberish. After that we'll see.

A side note - how hip and modern am I announcing this on a blog? Makes one cringe.

Anyway, I'm off. A shower and some weak Chinese beer are a-calling.



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