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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Pub Quizzes

Just thought I should inform you people of our recent addiction here in Beijing. A bar/coffee shop/restaurant does a pub quiz on wednesday night each week, offering a bottle of Jack as first prize, a pitcher of cocktails for #2 and a six-pack of Qingdao beer for #3. Our team has won the thing once, but of course that was during one of the weeks that I was away in Mongolia. Telling fact.

I don't know if pub quizzes are big in the US, but the ones here are modelled on a very vague notion of the British idea and work ok. The only issue, and it is a big one, is that the people who host it are always Americans and so the questions tend to have a distinctly US bias. What a surprise eh?

There was one week, the Halloween week, when 2 American girls did a 'Halloween Special' quiz for us and it was quite frankly the worst quiz I have ever attended. They tried to use topics that are fairly particular to Halloween and therefore, quite obviously to us non-septics, one of the topics was candy (their word, not mine). The 2 questions I remember were: What chocolate bar is the most popular in the USA? and What is inside a Poptart (not the real name, I don't remember - but something like a Twinky)? For us aliens, no clue whatsoever - although I had the dubious honour of correctly guessing 'Snickers' for the first one.

Anyways, the reason I'm writing about this is that I'm sitting right now in the pub with my laptop holding a table here with Gabi and Deepak and this is going to be our last one. Tomorrow we leave for Hong Kong and I won't be back in Beijing - although Gabi'll be coming back post-Philippines and will have a few to go.

Here's an exciting picture of us holding the table.

My photography skills continue to astound. Thinking caps on...


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