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Monday, March 05, 2007


Last friday my sister passed away after having been really sick for years. To those of you who knew this won't come as too much of a surprise, but when it happens it is always tough. She passed away quietly in her sleep in her bed at home, what better way?

If you'd like to come, the funeral is going to be on Friday 9 March at 10.30am at St James Church in Kenilworth. Best to drop an e-mail though for details because that church is huge and you might get lost.

I'm still in China but tomorrow Gabi and I are flying back to Cape Town, arriving at 7.20am on Wednesday morning. I'm not sure what contact number I'll have there (probably the same as before), but e-mail is always a good option. I'll be in touch with the Capetonians among you when I can.

When you left us you took with you a piece of my heart.
As your name suggests, you were nothing
but happiness and you will live on
forever in my heart and memory.
Enjoy your newfound and much awaited
perfection my beautiful sister.

I love you,
your brother,

See you soon.


  • hey sandy
    we're thinking about you! know this is never easy. will definitely try to make it on friday.

    By Blogger altheab, at 12:14 am  

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