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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Ulan Bator, Ulaan Baatar, whatever

Just a quickie. I arrived this morning in Ulan Bator and found a crowd of 6 (including me) and we've been talking about doing a 2 week trip from here starting on friday. It would involve going to the Gobi desert to the south and to the central highlands to the west and north-west including the old trading post of Karakorum. It works out at $20 (about R150) a day all-included. Not bad.

There isn't much internet out in the Gobi, understandably, so I'll be completely and utterly out of touch until the 13th or 14th of October, give or take. Try not to cry.

Weird one for you though - Ulan Bator is miles west of Beijing, and yet it is 1 hour ahead!! Bizarre, something to do with summer time and China's insistence on having 1 time zone for the entire country.



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